1 The Ethics of Animal Research: An Overview of the Debate
Jeremy R. Garrett

I Animal Research: Ethical and Scientific Starting Points

2 Ethics and Animal Research
Bernard E. Rollin

3 The Evolutionary Basis for Animal Research
Stephen P. Schiffer

II Bringing Moral Theory to Bear on Animal Research

4 Defending Animal Research: An International Perspective
Baruch A. Brody

5 Animal Experimentation, Marginal Cases, and the Significance of Suffering
Alastair Norcross

6 Lives in the Balance: Utilitarianism and Animal Research
Robert Bass

7 Empty Cages: Animal Rights and Vivisection
Tom Regan

8 Virtue, Vice, and Vivisection
Garret Merriam

9 Contractarianism, Animals, and Risk
Mark Rowlands

III The Ethics of Animal Research in the New Era of Biotechnology

10 Ethical Issues Concerning Transgenic Animals in Biomedical Research
David B. Resnik

11 Casuistry and the Moral Continuum: Evaluating Animal Biotechnology
Autumn Fiester

IV Making Progress in the Debate: Alternative Paths Forward

12 Debating the Value of Animal Research
Andrew Rowan

13 The Commonsense Case against Animal Experimentation
Mylan Engel Jr.

14 Rational Engagement, Emotional Response, and the Prospects for Moral Progress in Animal Use “Debates” (APPENDIX that addresses more arguments that couldn't be addressed in the chapter.)
Nathan Nobis

15 Animal Rights Advocacy and Modern Medicine: The Charge of Hypocrisy
Tom Regan

16 We’re All Animals: A Feminist Treatment of the Moral Limits of Nonhuman Animal Research
Christina M. Bellon